Necklace – A timeless symbol of fashion

A brief history of necklaces:

Necklaces have been worn by people for as long as we remember. The earliest form of necklaces was made using organic materials such as shells, bones or teeth.  Other materials such as beads were used which were considered to be more luxurious. In separate cases, twisted metals were used to adorn the necks during the Bronze Age. 

With all regard, as mentioned above, the style of accessorizing the neck has been there ever since and styles have been evolved and are being evolved. But the fact remains, necklaces are here to stay and will never go out of fashion.

The design of necklaces varied from period to period. And every time a style evolved, one could tell what kind of style revolution that particular era went through. It is also no coincidence that necklaces experienced a revival during the Renaissance where necklaces replaced brooches during the late Gothic and the early Renaissance periods.

Along with this fact, the necklines of women dresses were also lowered so as to direct more attention to necklaces. During which, the design of necklaces became more elaborate by adding heavy gold chains, huge gemstones or pendants. Although, this does not mean that necklaces were only worn with low necklines. Men with a certain social standing wore carcanet which were a type of necklace that was bejeweled and resembled a collar. A carcanet was worn over a shirt that traced over a collar by men from the fifteenth century through the seventeenth century.

By the beginning of the eighteenth century, people had not tired of this trend. Instead, women were poised to go to the extravagant lengths of getting matching sets. A matching set included a necklace, a pendant, earrings, a brooch and a tiara if they wanted something more lavish. 

The necklace in this set was the fancier part of the set as it was meant to be worn in the evening with a low lowered décolletage bodice. During the day, women usually wore dresses with a higher neckline and a brooch or a pendant was worn instead of the necklace. This trend continued through the twentieth century. But like everything, this style went through an evolution instead. 

Matching sets were expensive as materials like gold and precious stones were used mostly. But come the modern century, technology also evolved to create jewelry that suited the needs of the common man which came with affordability and more choices of style. 

People today have the choice of opting for styles based on their preference. It is also not uncommon for people to submit their choice of style to a jewelry designer to get custom-made necklaces. The bottom line is the fact that, people have a relationship with necklaces and it will be a long time before we say goodbye to it. Instead, there is no slowing down, as people all around the world count on a piece of necklace for spicing up their outfits and looking stylish wherever they go. 

Types of materials used in making a necklace:

As it were mentioned earlier, people used organic materials like shells, bones, teeth, beads and metals for making the primitive form of necklaces. But as human beings went on to discover more precious metals and gems, the Western civilization show a sharp intake of gold, diamonds and pearls to adorn the neck of both men and women. To this day, diamond necklaces are seen as a symbol of wealth, a high social standing and prestige. And before today, it most probably stood for the same meanings. 

Roman women used pearls as their choice of materials. A string of pearls was considered as the epitome of fashion for these women. The Classical period during the early Renaissance through the Neo-Classical period observed a sharp rise in women opting for a string of pearls as a choice of accessory. Queen Elizabeth I is also famously known for her love of pearls where she first sparked a trend for draping pearl necklaces over stomachers. 

Enter the twentieth century, and the hippie era, both men and women were running around to get their own piece of ‘love beads’ which were considered fashionable for both European and American men and women. Gold necklaces are a part and parcel of women in Asia and are kept aside as investment or for future use. Italian coral beads are also used to make necklaces by the ethnic groups in West Africa which are worn by both men and women.


As it is evident, these styles have evolved and have been designed to suit our everyday needs. If we look closer into each of the modern designs, we will be able to see a little bit of our ancestors and how they influenced the fashion world through jewelry.

Evil Eye Jewelry

Jewelry for spiritual protection


Wearing jewelry in our modern culture is used to signify a lot of reasons. Jewelries are worn to symbolize social status, personal belief and some are worn for fashion and style. But in ancient times, jewelries were worn for reasons that surpass vanity or public appeal. Most of us believe in a higher power or divinity, and many believed and believe that certain types of jewelry possess the power of the gods or nature. 

Since then, jewelries were worn to grasp a small portion of that power and the belief that it would offer some sort of spiritual protection. Some of the most popular jewelries that are worn by people for spiritual protection are:

1. Gold rings:

Gold is often associated with warmth and therefore, it is believed that wearing a gold ring can emanate a warm aura around the person wearing it. Gold can provide soothing vibrations around the body of the wearer and thus protects the person from negative energy and black energy. Gold is also believed to provide healing properties and can be known to heal a person who is injured both physically and mentally. 

Gold is also depicted in a lot of religious texts and ancient culture, where gold is also related to a higher power or gods. That is why, when a person wears a gold ring, ii is believed that the jewelry traps a higher consciousness which can be portrayed through the wearer. This divine consciousness can build up in the finger where the ring is worn resulting in acupressure. As a result, this acupressure is known to drive out any negative energy or black energy that is looming over the wearer.

It is also believed that females are supposed to wear the gold ring on the left hand while males are supposed to wear it on the right hand for spiritual protection.

2. Bracelets:

Bracelets are also a common form of jewelry which is worn around the wrists. It is a popular form of jewelry for both men and women and the history if wearing bracelets dates back as far as 5000 BCE. So, in a way, bracelets have been one of the oldest forms of adornments worn by human beings. 

Black tourmaline bracelets are known to increase the energy of the person wearing it by increasing the vibrational energy.  Black tourmaline is also known to provide an energy barrier around the person wearing it and protects the person from negative energy.

Goldensheen Obsidian bracelet is also a popular type of bracelet that deflects negative energy. It is also often referred to as “Energy Watchdog” and protects the spirit of the wearer from all kinds of dark energy.

Lapis Lazuli bracelets are known to shield the person from “energy Vampires” which is just a term for agents that feed on the energy of a person. Lapis Lazuli protects the spirit of the person from forces that attack the peace and tranquility of the soul.

Copper is known to enhance the power of those crystals and is also associated with healing powers. Therefore, when these crystals are bind together with copper, the effects of the bracelet are maximized. 

3. Earrings:

Earrings are also known to provide acupuncture effects as it literally punctures through the skin. While earrings enhances a person features elaborately, earrings have been around since the ancient times for reasons more than just looks. 

Earrings are known to attract the ‘Divine Principle’. The divine principle can boost a person’s happiness and patience and can alleviate the inability to forgive someone or people in general. It is also known to increase a person’s perseverance and overall increase the degree of contentment of a person in his or her life.

These spiritual beliefs originate from ancient China, and women of stature can be depicted wearing delicate earrings of enormous craftsmanship and expensive materials in their history. Wearing earrings in general provides certain bliss to the wearer and protects the person from all kinds of negative vibes which might threaten the peaceful concord.

In addition to that, gold earrings can proof to be a double benefit as gold in known to induce a warm aura around the person while warding off negative energy and replacing it with peace and tranquility.

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