About us

Inspirational Christian Jewelry is proud to be witnessing the love of God through the merchandising of Christian jewelry. 

Our company is based in West Virginia, we are proud of our community and the beautiful scenic country in which we live, worship, and work.

We are committed to seeking first God in all that we do.  In our worship, in our family life, in our business, in all paths of life that God has destined for our lives.

Inspirational Christian Jewelry has set a high standard of integrity.  We are committed to operating our business with the highest standard of honesty and to deliver to our customers the best products and service that are available.  We are committed to selling good quality products, and sell all our products at a fair market price. If we find that a product is not of good quality and does not meet our standards, we will not sell it.  We do not sell cheap jewelry that does not wear well.  We are continually seeking new designs of cross jewelry to add to our website, so that all your shopping needs will be fullfilled.

Inspirational Christian Jewelry is committed to reaching out to the communities around the world to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are committed to seeking Gods direction for partnership with Missionary work and Christian Outreach Programs to help the hurting and lost, to find the peace that God has for them. 

When life is over on this earth, we hope that we can leave the legacy of love.  This is the most precious gift our Lord has given us, so this is what we hope to give, thourgh our life and through our business.